Dual Living

Dual Living

Concept of Dual Living consists of two individual self-contained residencies all contained within the one traditional housing design.

The dwellings are split by a certified fire wall, which allows the owners to separately rent one or both of the homes to tenants, offering an additional rental income and making this investment cash-flow positive.

Benefits of Dual Living?

There are several benefits of dual occupancy investment properties. The main factor being the ability to maximise the potential of one block of land. Essentially this means improved cash flow and reduced maintenance costs. Furthermore, they are a smart decision for investors looking to grow and diversify their property portfolio.

  • Two sets of rental income producing a higher yield, which should ultimately make this a cash flow positive investment.
  • Lower risk associated with vacancy periods as there is a secondary rental income.
  • No strata fees, as the dwellings remain on the same lot/title.

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