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At Bramwell Homes we believe in keeping you completely up-to-date with all our processes, so you can benefit from making an informed choice about building your home.
From initial building needs to the finished project, the dedicated and skilled team at Bramwell Homes are committed to managing your project in its entirety.

Our Step By Step Guide

So you’ve decided to build a new home – To get started on your home building project, call our friendly team to discuss your options and organise a full consultation.

Don’t have all the details figured out yet? We can help.

At Bramwell Homes, we are able to help our clients Australia wide in New South Wales and Victoria (where we build).
From grass to gold, our elite team know the process of building a new home and are able to walk you through step by step. By keeping you fully informed of the procedure, we are able to ensure your project is managed to completion without hassle.

Building a new home also houses some bureaucracy.

As with all property purchases, building a new home comes with a contract, and each contract will be tailored to your specific needs. If you are having trouble understanding your contract, our team are happy to walk you through the red tape so you can fully understand what building your new home entails.

Before construction can begin, we first need approvals for many aspects of your new home.

Us at Bramwell Homes are happy to take the added stress and anxiety of attaining approvals for your home off your shoulders – so you can enjoy being involved in building your home without the unnecessary pressure.
From council applications for building, to driveway and plumbing approvals, our team are happy to cater to your needs and take care of all the approvals necessary to complete your project.

From a simple blueprint to tangible entity, your new home is beginning to take shape

Prior to commencing the construction of your new home, you will first be contacted by a Bramwell Homes representative to inform you that the project is about to commence. For your peace of mind we will assign you a customer service representative who will be with you through every step of the construction process.

Going the extra mile

We are so dedicated to your project that you will have direct access with our site supervisor who knows every facet of the project. If you are building from afar, we will send you photos and updates regularly to ensure you are well informed of the progress of construction at all times. With a committed team of highly skilled and professional tradespeople as well as supervisors, project and operations managers, the construction of your new home will be as seamless and expertly manoeuvred as possible.

We ensure your home is built to every standard before handover.

A seamless and easy process, our Quality Assurance Officer will assess the quality of your home to confirm it is perfect before the handover. The handover can be organised with yourself or, if you should so prefer, you are able to request a representative to do this on your behalf. Simultaneously, we will package all Warranty and Insurance information for your records and convenience.

The team at Bramwell Homes are happy to help wherever possible, and hope that you enjoy your beautiful new home!

Have peace of mind knowing your Bramwell Homes project is covered by numerous warranties.

At Bramwell Homes we are so confident in our building principals, methods and talented staff that we offer you a full 6 month Builders Warranty, coupled with a 7 year Structural Guarantee! This means any defects within this timeframe will ensure your home is covered, without the worry of added fees!

Should there be any issue with your new home, you can contact us and we will then assess the issue and engage a qualified tradesperson to rectify the problem so you can continue enjoying your new home.

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