Dual Living

Dual Living

Concept of Dual Living consists of two individual self-contained residencies all contained within the one traditional housing design.

The dwellings are split by a certified fire wall, which allows the owners to separately rent one or both of the homes to tenants, offering an additional rental income and making this investment cash-flow positive.

How It Works

For a large number of people, the cost of living in some areas is making it difficult to get into the housing market. Some analysts predict that entire generations of Australian families may never be able to afford to buy their own homes.

So a growing number of Australians are exploring new ways to live and getting creative with their choice of home and it’s called Dual Living. This is a whole new level of the granny flat, essentially designing a purpose built dual living home – two separate homes each with its own entrance and facilities but, unlike a granny flat, you’re not building a separate structure which can save you money on construction costs and time.

Dual living offers families increased flexibility as the family grows and dynamics change, and eventually, it can offer a rental income stream that can help you pay off your home even faster.

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