The McKane family

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Thanks so much for our Handover Hamper.  It was a nice surprise and very greatly appreciated.

However, I think it should have been us giving you guys a present and not vice versa.

Given the business I’m in, I deal with builders daily, both volume similar to yourselves, and high-end architectural, but I rarely come across a company that is so thorough in its communications as you have been.

On day one, when the contract was first signed, I had a call from Dave welcoming us to the Bramwell clan and assuring me that your company would make the process as painless as possible.  As I said to him, it was the finance side that had me concerned, and that the build was something that I was used to, with Council delays, weather delays, trade delays, delivery delays, supply delays etc. etc. just part of the never-ending process of having a house built.  These are all part of the game, and all were seen by me as possibilities.  Que Sera.

From that first call, there was not one occasion when I thought that we were in trouble, not one occasion where questions weren’t answered promptly and with integrity (not a common occurrence in this industry), not one occasion where I felt uncomfortable with the progress.  Unlike newbies, I know that slabs can’t be poured if the ground is wet and unstable, that rain makes it difficult for trades to do their work in a safe environment, that trucks get held up, truss plants get a backlog of work and most of all, that Councils have a really bad habit of taking their time in stamping plans!!!!!  That in itself cost us nearly 2 months.  But we were always kept in the loop.

Yet through all of this, Mel and I had weekly, sometimes daily, updates of where the build was.  Like mind readers, whenever I was thinking about where we were at, someone would email or call me to let me know.  We always felt like we were in control and that our build was the most important.  Photos of the progress, even the smallest thing, were furnished ad nauseum.  When it got to near completion, and with a days notice, Nick met us on site to check it out and then let us know that the turf wasn’t going down when advised because it was too hot.

All in all, dealing with you guys has been a dream. If anyone I know wants to build in rural Victoria, I will have no hesitation at all in recommending Bramwell Homes to do the build.

So, our relationship now comes to a close.  I thank everyone at Bramwell, both up there in (dreary) NSW or on-site down here in (beautiful, vibrant Vic) for what you have done for Mel and I.

I wish all of you the very best for the future.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

With warmest regards,

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