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I am a first-time investor with a new home built by Bramwell Homes. The journey began in mid-June 2015 and home completion was in early December. Throughout the journey, I was guided by different staffs. Firstly Trish who handled the planning stage and this was followed by Jaimi, who looked after the property development. Jaimi has been a wonderful worker and a great communicator and she advised me all the way regarding the development and answered any questions which I have along the way My experience with Bramwell Homes has been a great one because of the way Bramwell Homes managed the whole process and this has resulted in a very positive experience for me. I highly recommended anyone who considers investing or building a home to contact Bramwell Homes as the first option. They have caring staffs who look after the project and investor all the way. I was also very pleased to meet with the director, David and Jaimi in person towards the end and they made time to speak with me. This will be a great memory for years to come!

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