Dual Living

Dual Living

Concept of Dual Living consists of two individual self-contained residencies all contained within the one traditional housing design.

The dwellings are split by a certified fire wall, which allows the owners to separately rent one or both of the homes to tenants, offering an additional rental income and making this investment cash-flow positive.

Why Dual Living?

Why Dual Living?

Positively geared from the very first rental payment

Low Outgoings

No strata fees, low council rates and water rates, which maximises yields & cashflow.

Cost Savings

In comparison to other dual occupancies with lower council fees, water rates and
insurance costs.

High rental income

Up to 30% higher than a house of similar value, when fully occupied.

Lower vacancy periods

All located in high demand areas where affordable housing options are limited.

Diversified rental risk

Having two rental incomes rather than only one, significantly mitigate vacancy rate.

Higher Depreciable items

In comparison to a standard single dwelling due to the additional fixtures and
fittings of the Secondary dwelling.

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